How to file a consumer protection complaint in UAE

How to submit a complaint with the United Arab Emirates' consumer protection agency

Under the United Arab Emirates' Consumer Protection Law, all goods and services that are sold or delivered by suppliers and agents across the country are subject to the law. This law was enacted with the intention of safeguarding the rights of customers to get quality goods and services at the price that was announced.

file a consumer protection complaint in UAE

In accordance with the legislation, customers are entitled to get compensation for any losses that they sustain as a consequence of acquiring or using faulty goods or obtaining services that are insufficient or unprofessional. It is possible for suppliers to face a fine of up to Dh2 million and a jail sentence of up to two years if they fail to repair or replace faulty items or commodities, when they promote prices that are deceptive, or when they provide incorrect information about goods and services.

In the event that you are in need of filing a consumer complaint against a firm or service provider in the United Arab Emirates, the following is a guide to the regulatory bodies that you may get in touch with:

Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Authority: Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development
Abu Dhabi Government Contact Center: 800555
Email: [email protected]
Consumer Protection services on TAMM


Authority: Ajman Department of Economic Development
Telephone: 80070
Click here to file an online complaint


Authority: Dubai Economy
Telephone: 600 54 5555
File a complaint: Click here


Authority: Fujairah Department of Economic Development
Telephone: 80036
App: smartFUJAIRAH


Authority: Sharjah Department of Economic Development
Telephone: 8080000
File a complaint: Click here

Ras Al Khaimah

Authority: Ras Al Khaimah Department of Economic Development

File a complaint here

What is the UAE Consumer Protection Law?

  • The Federal Law on Consumer protective provides various protective measures to combat monopoly, overpricing, and fraudulent business activities that are directed against consumers. It also defines the rights and duties of customers. As per the legal provisions, consumers in the United Arab Emirates are allowed the following rights:
  • The right to safety, which includes the need to be safeguarded from goods, manufacturing processes, and services that have the potential to be hazardous to one's health and safety
  • The right to know: the right to be informed exactly about the products and services that are being offered (for example, the origin of the products, the expiration date, and the components of food items, among other things).
  • Having the ability to select from a variety of products and services that are offered at rates that are comparable to those offered by competitors
  • The right to representation, which includes the capacity to voice ideas about the development of products, services, pricing, and availability
  • The right to be informed, which includes the ability to continuously gain information and skills as well as awareness of consumer rights and duties through the use of awareness programs.

The law was revised in 2019 with the purpose of ensuring the protection of consumers and maintaining price stability; ensuring the delivery of goods and services in accordance with production and distribution patterns that are tailored to the needs of consumers; limiting practices that may have a negative impact on consumers and controlling price increases; and providing adequate protection to consumers in light of the technological advancements seen in eCommerce.

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