UAE: Fujairah Police caution drivers to stay away from valleys amidst heavy rain

The Fujairah Police General Command has issued a vital advisory urging residents to remain indoors unless absolutely necessary, particularly during heavy rainstorms that have recently impacted various areas within the emirate.

With certain regions experiencing significant rainfall and hail, the public is strongly encouraged to prioritize safety and limit outdoor activities to essential tasks only.

In response to the adverse weather conditions, Fujairah Police has specifically highlighted the importance of exercising extreme caution while navigating certain roadways. Motorists are urged to be vigilant and attentive when driving along Al Qasr Street, particularly from Al Qasr Roundabout towards the Hospital Roundabout, as well as Sakamkam Street in proximity to educational institutions. These areas have seen the accumulation of substantial amounts of rainwater, posing potential hazards to road users. Drivers are advised to drive with heightened awareness, maintaining a safe distance from areas prone to flooding and water accumulation.

The directive from the Fujairah Police underscores the significance of proactive measures to mitigate risks associated with adverse weather conditions. By urging residents to refrain from unnecessary travel and remain indoors during periods of heightened rainfall, authorities aim to safeguard public safety and minimize the likelihood of accidents or emergencies.

Furthermore, the advisory serves as a reminder for individuals to stay informed about weather updates and heed any additional instructions provided by local authorities. As heavy rainfall can lead to unpredictable road conditions and potential hazards, it is imperative for residents to exercise caution and prioritize safety at all times.

In essence, the Fujairah Police General Command's call for public cooperation and adherence to safety guidelines reflects a proactive approach to managing the challenges posed by inclement weather. By promoting awareness and responsible behavior, authorities aim to ensure the well-being and security of all residents within the emirate of Fujairah.

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