UAE Authority Launches Emirates Nuclear and Radiological Academy

The Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, the regulatory body overseeing the nuclear sector in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has officially launched the Emirates Nuclear and Radiological Academy.

This digital platform offers training and development programs tailored to meet the current and future workforce needs in the UAE's nuclear and radiological sector.

Consistent with the aims of the "We Are the Emirates 2031" vision, the Academy endeavors to establish the nation as a prominent center for the emerging economy on an international scale. This indicates that the UAE government is committed to enhancing human capital, which will be a central focus of its ten-year development plan.

The academy aims to disseminate scientific and technical knowledge in the nuclear and radiological field, thus supporting the country's knowledge-based economy.

The Emirates Nuclear and Radiological Academy provides diverse opportunities for individuals seeking to enhance their skills in this sector. Its digital platform offers a wide array of training courses and e-learning programs covering topics such as nuclear energy, radiation, communication with partners, and management skills.

Collaborating with national and international institutions and experts, the academy ensures an interactive and innovative learning environment. Further, it seeks to enhance cooperation with partners to support the platform and develop educational programs.

Christer Viktorsson, Director General of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, emphasized the academy's pivotal role in building capabilities and expertise in the sector. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, the academy's innovative platform streamlines the registration and learning process, catering to students, academics, and specialists interested in various nuclear energy and radiation topics. Collaboration with national partners leverages diverse practical experiences to offer specialized training courses for various segments of society, positioning the academy as a center of excellence in nuclear and radiation education.

The Emirates Nuclear and Radiological Academy is poised to contribute to the UAE's vision of becoming a global center for the new economy by fostering highly efficient and innovative human capital. Expected outcomes include enhancing the UAE's position in global talent attraction and the Human Development Index. For more information, visit the academy's website at

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