Employing these residents in the UAE is illegal and carries a Dh1 million fine

The Ministry of Human Resources in the UAE has warned against establishments and recruitment companies recruiting unlicensed domestic workers, explaining that violators will be subject to a fine of between 200,000 and up to one million dirhams, in addition to the owners of these companies and institutions being subject to a prison sentence of no less than one year.

The Ministry explained that, in accordance with the provisions of Article No. 27 of the Federal Decree Law regarding Domestic Service Workers in the UAE, the law stipulates that every Whoever practices the activity of any mediation or temporary employment of domestic workers in the country without a license.

These provisions are in accordance with the decree of the law and its executive regulations. The decision also includes anyone who exploits or misuses the electronic powers granted to him to enter the Ministry’s systems or otherwise, resulting in a breach in the procedures, work relationships, or the Ministry’s systems.

The Ministry of Human Resources in the UAE confirmed that employing these illegal domestic workers, or bringing them in and leaving them to work for others without regularizing their situation, constitutes a clear violation of legislation and poses health and social risks to the employers and their families.

The Ministry called on employers to deal with licensed labor recruitment offices only, and they can view them on the Ministry’s official website and its pages on social networking sites, which operate in light of the Ministry’s oversight, which ensures the provision of distinguished service to clients, including employers and citizen and resident families.

The Ministry of Human Resources reiterated that it will not be lenient in enforcing the law against violators, noting that the legislation implemented by the state is keen to provide the necessary protection for workers and employers by setting the probationary period for a domestic worker from three months to 6 months.

The Ministry explained that the latest decision is in the interest of employers, and therefore the guarantee has become binding for two years by labor recruitment offices, and thus the protection has become greater and broader for employers.

It is noteworthy that recent legislation included the return of any sums of money paid by the employer to recruit and employ auxiliary workers in accordance with a number of specific cases and conditions in accordance with time frames and in accordance with the mechanisms specified in the executive regulations and regulating decisions issued by the Ministry of Human Resources.

The Ministry is keen to provide greater protection for employers in the UAE, to ensure that employment offices do not tamper with these rights related to their obligations towards employers.

The Ministry of Human Resources in the UAE confirmed that any person who obtains a work permit from the Ministry becomes covered by the law.

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