UAE Authority urge health sector facilities to employ Emiratis in 10 specialties

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has urged healthcare organizations and registered establishments in the UAE to leverage the expertise of national professionals enrolled in the "Nafis" program.

This initiative aims to enhance the capabilities of the healthcare workforce and aligns with Emiratisation objectives by encouraging the recruitment of program participants within the private sector.

The healthcare cadre development program aims to bolster citizen participation in the healthcare sector, bolster their skill sets, and equip them with the necessary qualifications. Over a span of five years, the program aims to prepare, train, and qualify 10,000 citizens through subsidized scholarships. Its goal is to cultivate national talent capable of pursuing careers in various healthcare professions by offering accredited academic and specialized programs recognized by healthcare regulatory bodies and the Ministry of Education, covering all healthcare sub-specialties and levels.

In an advisory statement released on its official social media platforms, the Ministry highlighted that program participants undergo specialized training in ten key medical and healthcare fields and specializations, such as nursing, emergency medicine, and pharmacy. These individuals possess exceptional skills and competencies that align with the requirements of the private healthcare sector, promising a successful career trajectory.

The Ministry emphasized the importance for healthcare institutions to capitalize on the benefits offered by the "Employment Contract for a Student Citizen" by engaging citizens enrolled in the Health Sector Cadre Development Program. This contract facilitates the inclusion of student citizens within the required Emiratisation quotas and ensures opportunities for practical training during their university studies, followed by suitable job placements upon graduation.

The Ministry introduced the "Employment Contract for Student Citizen" last November to attract national talent still undergoing university studies, as well as those enrolled in the healthcare sector cadre development program. Under this contract, participants receive practical training opportunities in hospitals during their study period and are guaranteed suitable job placements post-graduation.

Furthermore, participants in the healthcare sector program under the UAE Talent Competitiveness Council, "NAFES," receive exclusive incentives, scholarships, and quarterly financial rewards. They also benefit from job opportunities during and after their studies, provided they meet the requisite criteria, distinguishing them from citizens in other sectors of the private industry.

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