Emirati Court Rejects an Asian Expat claim against another expat for this reason

The Dubai Civil Court of First Instance dismissed a lawsuit brought by an individual, of Asian nationality, against another individual of the same nationality.

The plaintiff sought a sum of 87,500 dirhams, claiming it was invested in the defendant's fictitious company. Allegedly, the defendant deceived him with promises of investment opportunities, including a flight and hotel reservation.

The court found the plaintiff's evidence insufficient, mainly relying on WhatsApp messages. According to the plaintiff's account, an agreement was made to invest in the defendant's company, with an initial payment of 30,000 dirhams for a 25% stake. The defendant also arranged travel and accommodation for the plaintiff to visit the company's headquarters, promising further investments. Additionally, the plaintiff paid 23,000 dirhams for a car intended for business use, which was never transferred to him.

Further financial transfers totaling 34,500 dirhams were made, as per their investment agreement. Despite requests for proof of partnership and car ownership, the defendant allegedly avoided the plaintiff, leading to legal action. However, the dispute resolution center failed to resolve the matter, prompting the plaintiff to file a lawsuit.

While the plaintiff provided WhatsApp conversations and documents, the defendant did not attend trial sessions. Consequently, the court reserved judgment to enable the defendant's participation as per legal procedure.

In its ruling, the court emphasized the plaintiff's obligation to substantiate claims with evidence. The lawsuit lacked concrete proof of the alleged agreement or payments. Bank statements did not confirm the defendant's indebtedness, as transfers alone do not establish liability without adequate supporting evidence.

Ultimately, the court dismissed the lawsuit, ordering the plaintiff to cover legal expenses. This decision was based on the lack of conclusive evidence, with the plaintiff's assertions deemed insufficient to hold the defendant accountable.

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