Emirates Police: An expatriate was arrested at Dubai International Airport for this reason

At Dubai International Airport, Dubai Customs officers confiscated a live snake, a monkey's hand, and spells from the backpack of an African visitor. These items were found to be utilized in the practice of sorcery.

According to Dubai Customs, a traveler from an African country was suspected by one of the inspectors at Dubai International Airport. As a result, the individual was transferred to undergo a comprehensive inspection. During the manual inspection of the traveler's bags, the inspection officers uncovered a live snake concealed within a box. An enveloping plastic bag was concealed within the suitcase. During the ongoing inspection, several artifacts were uncovered, including a monkey's hand, a deceased bird, eggs encased in cotton for sorcery purposes, as well as spells, talismans, and tools including fragments of paper. The confiscated objects were subsequently handover to the appropriate governing body, namely the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai. Upon inspection, the agency documented that the materials in question were utilized for the purposes of witchcraft and sorcery.

She emphasized that witchcraft and sorcery operations pose a significant threat to the security and safety of society by manipulating individuals' minds and exploiting their needs through quackery operations. Dubai Customs is vigilant in detecting any attempts to smuggle witchcraft and sorcery materials, with the aim of mitigating this scourge and safeguarding society.

According to Khaled Ahmed, the Senior Director of Airport Terminal 1 in the Passenger Operations Department, Dubai Customs acknowledges the potential risks associated with the utilization of these substances in activities involving magic, quackery, and manipulation of individuals' mental states. The department offers a comprehensive range of training and educational courses to adequately educate inspectors on the many types and forms of these materials. Particularly given that smugglers frequently employ novel and inventive techniques to deceive customs agents.

According to him, bag inspections typically involve subjecting bags to x-ray machines upon arrival at the airport. If any bag is suspected, it is closely monitored until it reaches its owner and then proceeds to the front customs clearance area, following the established procedure. The technology employed by Dubai Customs involves the manual inspection of large bags and hand luggage by skilled customs inspectors to verify the absence of forbidden and counterfeit materials.

The speaker emphasized the strong commitment of Dubai Customs to address the illicit transportation of these substances and thwart their infiltration into the nation. In recent years, the agency has conducted multiple seizures of witchcraft and sorcery materials as a means of supporting government initiatives to suppress sorcery, diminish citizens' interactions with sorcerers, and address illicit trade. These materials are utilized with the intention of causing harm to individuals or engaging in blackmail, without due consideration for the religious, humanitarian, and social ramifications. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of establishing a constructive partnership and fostering fruitful cooperation with the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai when addressing the utilization of these materials in quackery and witchcraft operations.

The individual provided an explanation regarding the assortment of materials employed in the practice of magic and sorcery. These materials encompass a range of sizes, such as paper fragments containing talismans, metallic papers, rosaries, animal hides, magical literature, bags containing fish bones, dolls assuming frightful forms, receptacles containing blood and liquid substances, as well as depictions of animals. The utilization of threads, charcoal, rings, oysters, plant leaves and powders, cotton rolls in magical practices, needles employed in spells, threads and dark materials, and the commendable contribution of customs officers in safeguarding society against the infiltration of banned substances.

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