Emirates Meteorology announces a depression that will affect the weather condition starting next Friday

According to the National Meteorological Center's report on the weather situation during the period from March 22 to March 26.

the country is impacted by an extension of a surface air depression from the southwest, which is accompanied by moist southeast winds. Additionally, the country is impacted by an extension of an upper air depression, which is accompanied by an air current from the northwest, and the flow of various amounts of clouds from the west and southwest.

Weather condition on Friday

Starting on Friday and continuing through Saturday, the sky will be partly cloudy to occasionally cloudy, and there is a possibility of light to medium rainfall in certain regions. The weather is expected to be on Sunday through Tuesday, and as a consequence of the intensification of the upper air depression, there will be an increase in the number of clouds in scattered areas, with some cumulus clouds interspersed among them. This will be accompanied by light to medium rains in scattered areas, which may occasionally be heavy at intervals with lightning and thunder, and possibly a decrease in temperatures. Additionally, the amount of clouds will gradually decrease beginning on Tuesday evening.

Wind movement during the depression

The wind blows from the south-east to the north-east that then turns to the north-west. It has a moderate to active pace and may be quite strong at times, particularly when clouds are present. It is exciting for dust and dust, which can lead to reduced horizontal visibility.

Wave movement during the depression

Additionally, the sea: waves that are light to medium in size can turn turbulent to very turbulent on occasion beginning on Sunday in the Arabian Gulf, and waves in the Sea of Oman can be turbulent on occasion, particularly when cumulus clouds are present.

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