Emirates Astronomy issues a statement regarding the occurrence of a total solar eclipse for 3 days

Ibrahim Al-Jarwan, chairman of the Emirates Astronomical Society's board of directors and a member of the Arab Union for Space Sciences and Astronomy, has dismissed the idea of an approaching global eclipse, which will plunge the Earth into utter darkness and make the sky black over three days.

In his response to the rumors that were circulating on social media platforms, Ibrahim Al-Jarwan noted on the 24th that the duration of the total solar eclipse is predicted to be minutes, however the duration of the total lunar eclipse is at most an hour. Therefore, the duration of all stages of the eclipse or eclipse is no more than an hour.

Total solar eclipse

He brought to our attention the fact that the signals lead to the fact that a total solar eclipse will take place on April 8th, which will be observed in the Americas, but our region will not be impacted by it.

The date of the first total solar eclipse in the Emirates

According to Al Jarwan, the United Arab Emirates will witness its first total solar eclipse on September 3, 2081, between 11:26 am and 14:43 pm. During this event, the moon's disk will block the sun's disk for around five minutes.

Common 3-day total eclipse

Pages and profiles on social networking sites in a variety of languages around the world have spread misleading claims about this expected eclipse. One of these claims is that it will take three days for the Earth to be completely submerged in darkness. It is interesting that these erroneous claims have been spread.

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