Dubai Roads announces good news for citizens and residents

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority announced a good news for citizens and residents, as it reopened the old maritime transport market, Deira as part of its comprehensive plan to enhance maritime transport services, and communicate with Al -Fahidi and Bar Dubai to support the general development of the emirate. At all levels, including the transportation sector, especially public and tourism transport, it is important for the authorities to contribute to improving the tourism site in Dubai.

Ahmed Hashem Bahwouzian, the Executive Director of the Public Transportation Foundation at the Roads and Transport Authority, confirmed that the station underwent development work similar to the Model Bur Dubai Station. This included preserving the heritage identity, providing service facilities for customers, increasing shaded waiting areas, and creating investment sites for abstract users.

He stated that the development efforts resulted in a 27% revenue increase due to expanding the station's capacity by 15% as part of its development plan. This expansion included meeting Dubai Code requirements and obtaining a green building certificate in the silver category. The project also involved upgrading lighting and the Al-Bahri marina with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

The station's opening enhances the maritime transport sector in Dubai, aligning with the strategic plan for maritime transport 2020-2030. This plan aims to develop the vital transportation system in Dubai, which serves over 17 million passengers annually.

The Roads and Communications Authority is increasing its efforts to finish the second phase of the project to develop two out of four stations for the heritage lesson in Dubai Creek. The goal is to enhance service for users and elevate safety and security standards at maritime transport stations.

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