Dubai: 280 Drug Dealers arrested through Anonymous Messages

Dubai Police, in collaboration with partners such as the Dubai Center for Economic Security and banking institutions, successfully curbed drug trafficking facilitated through anonymous letters, resulting in the apprehension of 280 dealers and the seizure of over 118 kilograms of narcotics in a span of approximately six months.

According to Major General Eid Muhammad Thani Hareb, Director of the General Department of Narcotics Control in Dubai Police, the "anonymous letter" method initially posed a significant challenge as it attracted new users to drugs through remote communication via modern technologies like WhatsApp. However, the police teams effectively studied the operations of these gangs, including the creation of bank accounts, anonymous messaging, and drug concealment techniques, leading to the formation of specialized teams for tracking, monitoring, and fieldwork.

Cooperation with partners, particularly the Dubai Center for Economic Security, was pivotal in analyzing suspicious accounts and identifying individuals involved in illicit deposit operations. Dubai Police launched the "Al-Marsad" initiative to combat this criminal method and apprehended 280 suspects while seizing over 118 kilograms of drugs between June and December 2023.

The Dubai Economic Security Center monitored 810 suspicious bank accounts, freezing them entirely after detecting 4,560 illegal deposits. It identified various categories exploited by promoters to open accounts, including simple workers and even children as young as one to three years old, whose families used their ID cards for drug-related transactions.

Major General Hareb emphasized that drug trafficking gangs employ experts in various fields, necessitating continuous efforts to combat their activities. Dubai Police has a specialized team to monitor suspicious accounts on social media platforms and has frozen over 600 accounts involved in drug promotion.

He warned against responding to such messages and highlighted the community's increased awareness, reflected in the surge of reports received by Dubai Police. Respondents are urged to send copies of the messages along with the sender's number for further investigation.

Dubai Police also enforces Article 74 of the anti-drug law, prohibiting individuals convicted of drug-related offenses from transferring funds without permission from the Central Bank of the UAE, continuing for two years after the penalty's completion.

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