Dubai: Police arrest a foreign expatriate who assaulted a family in their home

One member of the foreign family was moderately injured in an assault, and the perpetrator, an Arab national, was apprehended by the Dubai Police when they sought medical attention for their relative.

The perpetrator was apprehended by the Dubai Police within twelve hours after the occurrence; thereafter, the matter was sent to the Public Prosecution for further investigation into the incident's causes and motivations.

Meanwhile, Brigadier Saeed Al Hajri, Director of Electronic Investigations at the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigations at Dubai Police, issued a warning about foreign professional hackers using "social engineering" to get access to people's social media accounts, both personal and business, and then use the content they access to blackmail or negotiate a large ransom to get their accounts back.

In order to close their accounts, Al-Hajri said that the Dubai Police work with social media companies to monitor these criminals. He also stressed the importance of "skepticism and critical thinking" when discussing anything that is taken out of context, whether in a chat or elsewhere on social media. Along with a friend, and not storing anything that would lead to trouble down the road if it got into the wrong hands, such private footage, images, or information.

People who used the "voting" method became the targets of hacking operations; eventually, their accounts were taken over and used as a Trojan horse to hack the accounts of their friends and family. The "hackers" eventually demanded payment to unlock the accounts because their owners needed them for business purposes.

According to Brigadier Saeed Al Hajri, Director of Electronic Investigations at the Dubai Police, these cybercriminals "socially engineer" their victims with extreme professionalism. They observe the victim's interests, behavior, and the way he talks to his friend whose account they had previously hacked. Someone enticed the victim and then hacked his page.

He made the point that social media companies should be holding criminals accountable by providing security measures and resources and by working with law enforcement to seal any gaps that may exist; however, criminals are constantly coming up with new ways to circumvent these efforts.

He went on to say that everyone in society and those with accounts were primarily to blame because, as he put it, "hackers" do extensive psychological research on their victims before contacting them, planning the perfect social engineering ruse to lure them into their trap.

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