Dubai Parents Worry as Early School Re-Enrolment Costs Reach Dh4,000 per Child

Dubai schools have commenced notifying parents about re-enrolment for the upcoming academic year, with some institutions imposing re-registration fees of up to Dh4,000 per child.

This primarily concerns schools rated 'Very Good' to 'Outstanding', with fees varying based on the student’s grade.

The purpose behind these early notifications is to accommodate the increasing number of families on waiting lists. However, parents express hesitancy in committing to early re-enrolment due to uncertainties regarding their family’s circumstances by September.

According to the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), schools may request parents to pay a non-refundable re-registration deposit, capped at five percent of total tuition fees or Dh500 (whichever is higher). This deposit serves as a guarantee for a place in the following academic year but can only be refunded under extenuating circumstances, such as relocation.

Early re-enrolment facilitates schools in planning and preparing for the upcoming academic year. Institutions prioritize existing students, urging families to confirm their re-enrolment intentions for the following year. However, schools acknowledge that circumstances may change, and if a family decides to leave the UAE later on, any deposits made are refunded upon submission of the required documents.

Some schools report high re-enrolment rates for the next academic year, with up to 90 percent of families expressing interest in continuing with their child’s current school. However, parents cite challenges in committing to early re-enrolment, especially considering potential relocations. The financial commitment associated with re-enrolment fees poses concerns for families, particularly if they are unsure about their future residential plans. Additionally, parents feel pressured by early re-enrolment deadlines and fear losing the deposited amount if circumstances prompt a change in school or location.

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