Dubai Authority announces the completion of major road and parking upgrades

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently concluded a series of road improvement projects in various key areas of Dubai.

Successful Completion of Road Upgrades Across the Emirate

These enhancements, implemented in Hatta, Oud Al Muteena 1, and Al Sufouh 1, align with RTA's strategic plan for 2024, aimed at enhancing critical locations across the emirate.

The initiatives are designed to optimize the efficiency of the road network, alleviate traffic congestion, eliminate bottlenecks, and enhance safety for all road users throughout Dubai. Hussain Al Banna, CEO of the Traffic and Roads Agency at RTA, emphasized the commitment to advancing Dubai's infrastructure in response to the city's rapid urban expansion and the directives of its leaders.

Hatta has recently undergone extensive modifications to improve traffic flow and safety as part of development projects and initiatives in Phase II. Along the Dubai-Hatta Road, one of these projects is the Hatta Souq roundabout, which has greatly cut down on travel time. To further improve accessibility to tourist destinations and enhance traffic safety, a U-turn was executed next to Wadi Hub.

In the Oud Al Muteena 1 area, enhancements focused on expanding Street 31 from a single lane to dual lanes in both directions, near the Emirates Cooperative Society. This expansion, coupled with the provision of side parking for shoppers, aims to alleviate congestion and double the street's capacity to accommodate vehicular movement.

Furthermore, on Hessa Street, next to Choueifat School, a roundabout was built, and in Al Sufouh 1 there was a parking facility with roughly 112 spots. Especially during student drop-off and pick-up times, these enhancements simplify traffic flow while guaranteeing the utmost safety.

RTA's approach to implementing traffic solutions is comprehensive and systematic, relying on various sources such as traffic studies, control centers, public feedback systems, and field observations. Following the identification of areas requiring enhancement, RTA catalogs the necessary traffic solutions and executes them to manage congestion effectively.

Through these ongoing efforts, RTA remains dedicated to continually improving Dubai's transportation infrastructure, ensuring smooth traffic flow, and prioritizing the safety and convenience of all road users across the emirate.

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