Dubai announces temporary closure of Mall of the Emirates metro entrance

The Mall of the Emirates metro station in Dubai will experience a temporary closure of its access via the mall entrance this week.

A notice posted outside the mall's metro entrance informed commuters that access would be unavailable on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, starting from 8:30 a.m. onwards.

The closure is necessary because the Civil Defense will be conducting a mall-wide evacuation exercise during this time. The notice emphasized that entry and exit to the metro from the mall entrance will remain inaccessible "until further notice." However, it clarified that the exit to the bus station will operate normally during this time.

According to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), no one will be permitted to enter the mall during the drill. Despite the closure of the mall entrance to the metro station, metro operations will continue without interruption. Passengers can still access the station through alternative entrances, ensuring minimal disruption to their commute.

A staff member at the MoE station's information desk confirmed that passengers will still be able to access the walkway entrance and the lift leading to it. These arrangements aim to mitigate inconvenience for commuters while prioritizing safety measures during the evacuation exercise.

In summary, while access to the Mall of the Emirates metro station via the mall entrance will be temporarily closed due to a mall-wide Civil Defense evacuation exercise, alternative entrances and station operations will remain unaffected, ensuring continued accessibility for passengers.

The closure aims to make it easier for the Civil Defense to organize a thorough evacuation exercise, improving security and emergency preparedness on the mall's property. By conducting such exercises periodically, authorities can assess and improve response protocols in the event of emergencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of mall visitors and employees.

During the closure period, mall visitors and commuters are advised to follow instructions from mall staff and authorities, cooperate with evacuation procedures, and use alternative entrances to access the metro station. Additionally, commuters should plan their travel accordingly and allow for extra time if necessary, considering the temporary closure of the mall entrance to the metro station.

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