Dubai Customs Seizes 26.45kg of Marijuana hidden in Onion Shipment

Dubai Customs made a significant announcement regarding the interception of 26.45kg of marijuana concealed within shipments of red onions.

This discovery followed a thorough examination of two separate air freight consignments originating from an African nation. These shipments, totaling 14.85kg and 11.6kg of the illicit substance, respectively, were intercepted by customs officials upon arrival in Dubai.

The suspicion arose upon the initial arrival of the air freight shipment, purportedly containing red onions. However, upon closer inspection, officials noticed inconsistencies in the density of the images captured by X-ray detection devices. These irregularities prompted a more detailed examination, ultimately leading to the discovery of 14.85kg of marijuana cleverly concealed within the shipment bags labeled as'red onions.'

Following this interception, another shipment from the same African country arrived several hours later. This consignment also claimed to contain red onions, but under different exporter names. Similar to the previous shipment, it underwent meticulous examination using X-ray detection devices. This scrutiny revealed yet another cache of illicit substances, with 11.6kg of marijuana concealed within the purported red onion bags.

The collaborative efforts between Dubai Customs and the Dubai Police were instrumental in the handling and documentation of these intercepted shipments and seized narcotics. By working together, these agencies ensured that the necessary procedures were followed to properly manage the confiscated contraband and uphold the rule of law.

This interception underscores the ongoing efforts of authorities to combat illicit drug trafficking and smuggling activities. Such operations are crucial in safeguarding the community from the harmful effects of narcotics and upholding the integrity of the nation's borders. By remaining vigilant and employing advanced detection techniques, Dubai Customs and other law enforcement agencies can effectively disrupt the illegal drug trade and protect society from its detrimental consequences.

Overall, the successful seizure of these illicit substances highlights the commitment of Dubai Customs to maintaining the safety and security of the region. Through proactive measures and cooperation with partner agencies, they continue to thwart attempts to smuggle illegal drugs and uphold the law.

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