The UAE issues a new decision regarding of labor complaints for residents

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE announced new decisions related to filing labor complaints for residents and citizens in the Emirates, and decisions related to settling disputes in accordance with the new law and its repercussions.

The new amendment revealed by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE gives Mohre jurisdiction to settle employment disputes of 50,000 dirhams or less without resorting to court.

Any employee who has a work-related dispute can now file a complaint with Mohre’s office, either through the offices affiliated with the Ministry and submit the complaint to the relevant employee, or through the Ministry’s website, or by calling the call center at 60056566.

If the value of the labor dispute between the employer and the resident is more than 50 thousand dirhams, the dispute is submitted to the court, and if the value of the dispute is less than 50 thousand dirhams, it is resolved by the Ministry of Human Resources.

As for cases that are resolved through the Ministry of Human Resources and there is an executive order, the person concerned must come to the court to mark the ruling for implementation, and at that time the Ministry’s ruling will be final. To prevent this, if an appeal is submitted, the implementation of the decision will be immediately suspended.

If the decision is not satisfactory to either party to the dispute, they may file a lawsuit before the Court of Appeal within 15 days to appeal the ruling. The court will set a session to consider the case within three working days, and the case will be judged within 15 working days. The decision of the Court of Appeal shall be the final ruling.

The Ministry of Human Resources in the United Arab Emirates also added that there is a specific period of time during which employees can file a lawsuit against the employer. This was defined as one year from the last day the employee communicated with the employer about the dispute.

It should also be mentioned that the Ministry of Human Resources orders the employer to provide the worker’s wages, whether citizens or residents of the Emirates, for a maximum period of two months, if the dispute leads to withholding the worker’s wages.

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