Abu Dhabi takes strict measures against street vendors

When it comes to unlicensed street vendors, Abu Dhabi is taking action

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has initiated a campaign with the purpose of addressing the problem of the unlawful sale of manufactured products.

Abu Dhabi takes strict measures against street vendors

The project aims to educate several sectors, including citizens, real estate owners, companies, and shops, about the dangers that are linked with street sellers operating without permission. Participants in the campaign include residents.

A strong focus was placed throughout the campaign on the need of complying to rules that regulate corporate operations in order to guarantee the safety of consumers and maintain quality standards.

It was brought to the attention of the Municipality that citizens play a significant role in preventing this practice by avoiding interacting with unauthorised sellers and opting instead to patronize legal companies.

The ad draws attention to the possible risks that are posed by consumer items that are not regulated and encourages citizens to put their health and safety first. Educational initiatives will be carried out inside communities by specialized teams in order to encourage appropriate behavior.

In addition, the Municipality makes use of its official platforms, which include websites and social media channels, in order to disseminate informational messages and announcements. Text reminders are sent to neighborhood residents, businesses, and retail establishments to encourage compliance with trade restrictions. The goal of these reminders is to reduce the number of unauthorized street sellers and to protect the health of the community.

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