Abu Dhabi court obliges a man to refund 469,000 dirhams to his divorcee

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court has mandated a man to reimburse his former wife a sum of 469,722 dirhams.

This amount was transferred to him incrementally during their marriage to jointly purchase a piece of land. However, he unilaterally registered it under his name and declined to return the funds.

In the legal proceedings, the woman filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband, seeking repayment of the aforementioned amount with accrued interest, as well as witness testimonies and the defendant's obligation to cover fees and expenses, including attorney fees. She asserted that she had lent him the funds from her personal account to his for the purpose of acquiring land jointly. Despite this, he failed to fulfill the agreement and refused to reimburse her upon request.

Witnesses presented by the plaintiff affirmed that the disputed land rightfully belonged to her, as she had conveyed her intention to purchase it and transferred substantial sums to the defendant for this purpose. The defendant, according to the witnesses, had assured them that he would register the land jointly but failed to do so.

Contrarily, defense witnesses contended that there was no agreement between the parties regarding the purchase of the land, and they were unaware of any money transfers between them.

The court, after evaluating testimonies and evidence, found merit in the plaintiff's claims. Particularly, it placed weight on the testimony of a non-relative witness and ruled in favor of the plaintiff, ordering the defendant to reimburse the full amount and cover legal expenses.

In its ruling, the court emphasized the plaintiff's truthfulness and concluded that she had indeed loaned the claimed sum to the defendant for the land purchase, which he failed to execute. Consequently, the defendant was directed to repay the full amount and bear legal costs.

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