Abu Dhabi: A company calls for an employee with compensation of 40 thousand dirhams

The Abu Dhabi Family and Civil and Administrative Court dismissed a case brought by a company seeking compensation for an employee's early termination and refusal to relinquish devices and documents while in their possession. The court found that the papers were free and that the plaintiff could benefit from transferring the defendant's guarantee to them.

The details of the case involve a lawsuit that a company filed against an employee. The company is requesting that the employee pay 20,000 dirhams as damages, as well as that he lead her to that amount in exchange for leaving the job. The defendant is also liable for expenses and legal fees. The plaintiff notes that the defendant had a one-year employment contract with her, and that he had been given various documents, devices, and papers to use for his job. However, he left the country without informing her, and he failed to return the paperwork, devices, and documents, which caused harm. Additionally, despite his signature, he had leaked sensitive company information. He failed to comply with the demands that he return any secrets in his possession and pay the agreed-upon sum in the event that he left the job, despite the fact that he had promised not to reveal the secrets.

The court elaborated that the plaintiff had proven her case by showing that the defendant had worked for her but had broken the terms of the contract by leaving without returning the paperwork and documents related to their employment, as well as the insurance policy valued at twenty thousand dirhams (the papers were blank). Based on the evidence presented, it can be concluded that the work contract was carried out as agreed. The papers were vacated, which means the defendant's guarantee was transferred to the plaintiff. The plaintiff claims that the defendant left the job and traveled outside of the state. The prosecutor's explanatory note was submitted to the case administration office. The case was subsequently filed, and the court rejected the plaintiff's condition, requiring the plaintiff to pay expenses and fees.

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