A fine of 2000 dirhams on citizens and residents of Dubai and a warning against 31 violations

Dubai announces the imposition of a fine of 2,000 dirhams on citizens as well as residents in the event of violating any of these 31 violations.

Because of its effectiveness, dependability, and convenience, the Dubai Metro has become an indispensable component of the public transportation system in the emirate of Dubai. It has reshaped the way people move about the city.

fine of 2000 dirhams on citizens and residents of Dubai

The Dubai Metro has improved connection throughout the city's numerous neighborhoods, providing passengers with a transit experience that is secure, quick, and extremely pleasant. On a daily basis, it provides services to millions of locals as well as tourists, and its significance cannot be understated.

When utilizing the Metro, however, it is of the utmost importance to adhere to the laws and regulations in order to avoid incurring penalties. The enforcement of regulations not only adds to the effective running of the system but also helps to create a safer environment. In the event that laws such as smoking limits, trash bans, and ticket validation requirements are not adhered to, there is the possibility of incurring fines.

The following is a comprehensive list of infractions that can result in penalties of up to two thousand dirhams (Dh) on the Dubai Metro.

Violation Description Fine in dirham
Using public transport facilities and relevant transport services, or entering/exiting the fare zone areas without paying the exact fare Dh200
Failing to present the nol card upon request Dh200
Using a card designated for someone else Dh200
Using an expired card Dh200
Using an invalid card Dh200
Selling nol cards without prior permission from the authority Dh200
Using counterfeit card: Dh500
Causing a disturbance or inconvenience in any way to users of public transport, public facilities and services Dh100
Accessing or sitting in areas designated for specific categories Dh100
Eating and drinking in areas where it is prohibited to do so Dh100
Sleeping in passenger shelters or any place where sleeping is prohibited Dh300
Damaging, vandalising or destroying equipment or seats on public transport, public facilities Dh2,000
Parking vehicles in areas designated for metro users for a period exceeding the permitted period Dh100 per day and up to Dh1,000
Entry into restricted areas inside public transport, public facilities in violation of posted warning signs and boards Dh100
Standing or sitting in non-passenger areas inside public transport, public facilities Dh100
Putting feet on seats Dh100
Selling or promoting goods and commodities in any way inside inside public transport, public facilities Dh200
Failure to comply with the instructions of the inspectors or authorised personnel of the authority, or obstructing the performance of their duties Dh200
Using public transport, public facilities and services contrary to the authority’s instructions posted on signboards Dh200
Bringing animals into public transport, public facilities and services, except guide dogs for blind persons Dh100
Spitting, littering, or performing any act that would compromise the cleanliness of public transport, public facilities and services Dh200
Smoking inside public transport, public facilities and services Dh200
Misusing lifts or escalators Dh100
Boarding the public transport, public facilities and services by climbing or jumping Dh100
Opening the doors or attempting to access or leave public transport while it is moving between stations and stops Dh100
Carrying or using materials or equipment that may cause inconvenience to users of public transport, public facilities and services or endanger their safety Dh100
Causing any distractions or obstruction to driver of public transport while he is driving Dh200
Carrying alcoholic beverages inside public transport, public facilities and service Dh500
Carrying hazardous items, including weapons, sharp tools or inflammable materials, inside public transport, public facilities and services Dh1,000
Using any security or safety device or tool, including emergency exits, when it is not necessary Dh2,000
Misuse of the emergency buttons Dh2,000

Ways to pay RTA fines for violations on public transport

  1. The inspector who imposed the fine can be paid immediately by the passenger. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) notifies the passenger of the fine and its amount at the time it is imposed.
  2. There is a specific gateway on the RTA website where you may pay penalties.
  3. Services for settling fines are also provided by RTA Customer Happiness Centers located across the city. The only thing you need is the fine number that you were given by RTA when it was issued.
  4. Self-service devices are available to bus passengers for the payment of penalties.

Disputing your fine

Make sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork so that you may contest a fine that was given by an inspector in the Metro.

The fine number that is printed on the notification of the fine, the receipt for the payment of the fine (if the fine is paid through the inspector or service centers), a copy of the notification form for the fine, a copy of the nol card or the card number that is printed on the backside of the nol card, a copy of the visit visa along with the entry stamp and a copy of the passport (for customers who are on a visit visa), and any other document that can support the appeal application are all included in this category.

It is possible to contest your fine through the use of email. To do so, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Fine appeal" and the fine number. Additionally, you should attach any relevant papers to the email.

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