A 60-year-old Abu Dhabi resident wins a million-dollar prize in Dubai

An Abu Dhabi citizen who is sixty years old has won a prize of one million dollars in Dubai.

A 60-year-old Abu Dhabi resident wins a prize worth one million dollar in Dubai.

A resident of Abu Dhabi who is sixty years old has been awarded a prize in Dubai that is worth one million dollars.

One million dollars was won by a resident of Abu Dhabi in the most recent Dubai Duty-Free draw.

The Indian expat plans to use the prize money to pay for his son's schooling, and he will also put some of it aside for his retirement funds.

In the most recent Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw, which took place on Saturday evening, March 2, following the prize presentation ceremony of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships Men's final, an Indian expat who lives in Abu Dhabi was the lucky winner of one million dollars.

The last draw for the duty-free shop in Dubai: a Millennium Millionaire

Ugo Humbert, the French tennis player who grabbed his first title in Dubai after defeating Alexander Bublik in the finals, was the one who won the tournament and won the winning ticket. Humbert is ranked fifth in the world in tennis and won the competition.

The most recent dollar Millionaire in the Millennium Billionaire Series 452 was Sunil Nayyar, an Indian resident of Abu Dhabi who is 60 years old. He purchased ticket 0971 online on February 21 and became the latest millionaire in the series.

Nayyar is the father of one and works as a senior consultant for an insurance firm. He has been a resident of Abu Dhabi for the past 39 years and has been a regular participant in Dubai Duty Free's promotion for the past 15 years.

For his victory, Nayyar expressed his gratitude to Dubai Duty Free by saying, "Thank you." I have been purchasing tickets for your offer for a considerable amount of time, and I have never given up hope that I will eventually be the lucky winner. Finally, it has come to pass!

"Definitely, it will go to my son's education, who is currently studying aerospace in the UK, and of course, I will be saving up for my retirement soon," he stated in response to a question about his early plans with his winnings.

Since the beginning of the Millennium Millionaire program in 1999, Nayyar, who is originally from Delhi, is the 225th Indian national to have won one million dollars. Customers from India make up the largest proportion of those who purchase tickets for the Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire.

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