Dubai: fining the owner of the facility of 100 thousand dirhams

After finding the facility owner guilty of misusing a declaration of work for an unauthorized purpose, a first-degree court in Dubai fined him 100,000 dirhams.

The Public Prosecution in Dubai referred the owner of the establishment to the court, for his "resettlement", as his company issued a declaration of two employees, and he was restricting them to the facility, without actually enabling them to work, with the aim of circumventing and circumventing the resettlement decisions in the "Nafs" program. And he accused him of "Dubai Prosecution" by using a declaration that has been a work other than the purpose designated for their issuance, to circumvent the decisions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation regarding the settlement rates in the private sector.

The Public Prosecution's investigations stated that the facility used the official contract to appear in front of the ministry with a false legal appearance that violates the truth, which is that it operated two citizen employees, and achieved the required resettlement rate, and then could obtain government support and incentives, as it is one of the facilities cooperating with the "Nafs" program.

She pointed out that, in the absence of the actual work of the two employees in the facility, and their goal was limited to obtaining the monthly support amount of 5,000 dirhams, and benefited from it for four months, they were notified by the Emirati cadres competitive council (competing) to return the beneficial amounts.

The first public prosecutor, Head of the Citizenship and Residence Prosecutor, Advisor, Dr. Ali Hamid bin Khatim, said that the Dubai Prosecution represented by the Prosecution of Nationality and Residence, is keen to implement the laws related to resettlement, which was approved by the government with the aim of raising the efficiency of the countrymen and integrating them into the labor market, stressing that the Emirati Emiratization It represents a circumvent on these regulations, and a violation punishable by law.

The counselor bin Khatim called on citizens who are benefiting from the "Nafs"program to ensure that they are keen to adhere to a contractual relationship with the facility to benefit from the "Nafs" program, and to charge a month They must file a complaint with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

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