10 companies that allow work in these fields from any country with salaries exceeding $100,000

If you desire the flexibility to work remotely, whether it be from home or any location worldwide, it would be prudent to explore employment opportunities in the fields of accounting, technology, or graphic design.

According to recent research from FlexJobs, employers in these industries are increasingly reinforcing their dedication to the compulsory absence approach, despite growing resistance from other organizations towards flexible work.

According to Tony Vrana, the main career advisor at FlexJobs, companies in the marketing, education, and gaming industries are increasingly adopting more flexible job options, such as remote work. FlexJobs has determined the top companies offering remote work opportunities in 2024 by examining its database and identifying the organizations with the highest number of job postings for remote positions from January to December 2023.

All organizations featured on FlexJobs provide opportunities for both full-time and part-time remote employment, without any geographical limitations and without the need for physical presence in an office.

According to a report from the American news outlet "CNBC" that Al Arabiya Business has reviewed, the following are 10 organizations that have a significant number of job vacancies available for remote work:


Static Media ،

، Kraken

Chainlink Labs،

، Veeva

، Invisible Technologies

، Wikimedia Foundation

، Finixio

، Oyster HR

، Canonical

This year, the FlexJobs list added 16 new companies. Additionally, employers such as Chainlink Labs and the Wikimedia Foundation, which were mentioned in the report, have consistently offered remote and flexible job opportunities in recent years. These employers are highly recommended for individuals seeking work-from-home or location-independent options. Geographical whereabouts in 2024.

Several remote employment have annual wages exceeding $100,000. As an illustration, the job advertisement for the position of engineering manager at the Wikimedia Foundation specifies a compensation range spanning from $167,046 to $260,066. The job advertisement for a senior product manager position at Invisible Technologies offers a base pay of $170,000.

If you desire a job that allows you to work from any location, Vrana suggests incorporating terms such as "time zone independent," "distributed team," and "digital nomad." These terms are frequently included in job descriptions to distinguish between work positions that allow for remote work from any location and positions that only permit remote work with specific location limitations.

Additionally, she recommends contacting existing employees at the companies you are applying to and endeavoring to establish contact with the hiring manager in order to pursue a follow-up on your application with a personalized message.

Vrana adds that there has been a significant surge in the number of individuals seeking employment opportunities that allow them to work from any location on FlexJobs since the beginning of the pandemic, and this trend shows no signs of diminishing.

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